Redefining the lifecycle of electronics

Company Overview

Formed from the combination of Teleplan and Clover Wireless in December 2019, Reconext is a leading aftermarket services company.

Headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, with a footprint covering The Americas, Europe & Asia Pacific we deliver value to customers through innovative aftermarket device services and reverse supply chain solutions to industry leading OEM’s, cable, satellite and mobile device operators, retailers, insurers and other enterprises.

With over 40 years of experience, Reconext partners closely with its customers in meeting their sustainability targets by delivering aftermarket solutions to optimize the value of returned electronic devices, with the goal of 100% reuse of all materials. Our comprehensive suite of solutions spans all phases of the digital product lifecycle. With thousands of trained professionals and hundreds of technical experts and engineers, we are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction daily.

Our Lifecycle Services and Approach to Solutions:

At Reconext we utilize our comprehensive services portfolio to meet the needs of our customers, providing end-to-end services wherever they need them:

  • Returns Management & Fulfilment
  • Testing & Grading
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Asset Recovery
  • Trade-in & Buy-back

Market segments we support:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Customer premises equipment (CPE)
  • Enterprise network & data storage
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile
  • Point-of-Sale equipment

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

  • Dan Perez
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark Deadwyler
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Richard X. Fischer
    Chief Administration Officer

  • Harjinder Bajwa
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Michael Smith
    Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

“ I love my job! The top three reasons I love my job is because I have gotten to learn a lot of different positions, in different business units, while I have worked here. So I have been given a great opportunity to advance myself. Second, when I was given a position as a coordinator that would require me to assign work to others, they sent me to a first-time supervisor course, so I would know how to work with those that were previously my co-workers and gain their respect as a leader to them and built my own confidence that I can do anything. And lastly, I really enjoy the people I work with, most everyone is nice and we work well together, even though I spend most of my time on the fork lift now, I know that when I finish my schooling there will be more opportunity for me to continue to advance in other positions with the company. I love that!”

Joseph Owens, Material Handler III / Lift Driver
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