We make it possible for returned mobile devices like smartphones to have a new life. Reconext offers affordable value to customers looking to acquire a great value that is revived cosmetically and offer users a reliable product experience.

Our transformation services for mobile devices include rigorous certified data erasure and automated testing, cosmetic refurbishment and grading solutions. And when devices are beyond economic repair, we offer reclamation of parts as an option to achieve optimal value.

Reconext lifecycle management solutions are designed to serve the needs of wireless carriers, MVNOs, retailers, resellers, OEMs and enterprises:

In all of these cases, we include real-time IMEI tracking and reporting throughout the repair process to provide our customers with full visibility and traceability.

Deployment Services Header

Deployment Services

Deploying devices such as smartphones or wearables for custom solutions can stretch the capabilities of traditional distributors. From complex software set-up and integration with disparate systems to custom packaging and kitting – the requirements often call for unique workflows and skillsets.

Many of our clients have seen substantial benefits (both economic and environmental) from incorporating value recovery into the process from the beginning. Our solutions address the entire life cycle, allowing for the return, testing and redeployment of the devices.

Our processes are natively circular and uniquely capable of meeting the requirements of complex deployments.

  • Project Management & Custom Workflows
    Every deployment is unique. We take a consultative approach to solve hard problems and deliver solutions that work for our clients and the end-users.
  • Configuration & Personalization
    We can make sure the devices arrive fully configured and ready to go for the user including any necessary personalization.
  • Tech-Assisted Quality Control
    Custom-designed optical recognition processes can be employed to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Redeployment Services
    We can handle all aspects including return shipping label generation, tracking, receiving, testing, and inventory management.
  • Refurbishment & Repair
    We can perform cosmetic refurbishment and an array of repair services to keep devices in service and reduce costs.
  • Value Recovery
    We can buy-back deployed devices to reduce the total cost of ownership. Our easy process maximizes participation and total value recovered.

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End to End Logistics Header

End to End Logistics

Mobile asset owners require a specialized and integrated set of services that address the complexities of the complete mobile life cycle. Our comprehensive solutions address the circular nature of product flows with forward and reverse logistics receiving equal focus.

Returns can arrive in all shapes, sizes and conditions. Reconext can quickly and efficiently manage inbound receipt, inspection and grading, cleaning and refurbishment, repackaging, aftermarket sales and warranty management. Our global footprint ensures your devices are quickly returned to your supply chain, maximizing their value.

Forward fulfillment can offer its own unique complexities through multiple channels, global markets and specialized requirements. With extensive value-added services – kitting, device customization, labeling, laser etching and robust quality controls— your customers will receive products which exceed their expectations.

Reverse Logistics

  • Returns management
  • Inspection and grading
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Repackaging
  • Warranty management
  • Aftermarket sales

Forward Logistics

  • Order fulfillment
  • Kitting & specialization
  • Order customization
  • Transformation management
  • ASN/EDF file management
  • Parts management

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Grade Enhancement Header

Grade Enhancement

Reconext’s grade-jump service has been designed to optimize the grade and overall value of used devices.

Grade-jump targets cost effective repairs, which can be completed quickly and ultimately provide the greatest value increase. This results in a fully functional device, enhanced to a cosmetic condition which will satisfy your customer’s requirements. Up to 25% of trade in devices have glass damage which decreases their resale value significantly. Recovery of that value through creative solutions is a key to the Reconext mission and corporate values.

Grade-jump is part of a comprehensive suite of mobile repair and refurbishment solutions which Reconext can provide.

Issues Addressed

  • Screen breakage or malfunction
  • Heavy screen scratches
  • Back glass breakage
  • Battery defect
  • Camera lens breakage

Through customer feedback, we have been told our grade-jump services are extremely beneficial in recovering significant value on devices which were initially determined to be a Grade D (device with broken glass). On average, the value increase on iPhones serviced is up to a 33% lift.

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Content Clear Header

Content Clear

A range of issues can prevent a device from being properly data wiped. Reconext has developed a suite of cost-effective repair operations that can address many underlying issues in up to 75% of devices. These services provide a compelling return on investment and help minimize potential risk from customer data exposure.

“We’ve found Reconext’s data erasure services to be extremely valuable in recovering devices which previously failed an initial data sanitization attempt. An unrelenting focus on overall data security is of critical importance to us.”
Supply Chain Leadership
Tier-One U.S. Carrier

Recovery of units failing data erasure is one component of our comprehensive array of repair and refurbishment services. Reconext can provide a single source solution that reduces costs, creates efficiency, and maximizes the value of your used devices.

Failure Issues Addressed

  • Board corrosion
  • Port defect
  • Component malfunction
  • Screen breakage
  • Battery defect
  • Software corruption

Risk Factors for Devices that Fail Data Clear

  • Financial: Regulatory fines or settlements
  • Legal: Lawsuits for failure to manage the data
  • Reputational: How much damage a breach can cause to a company’s reputation
  • Operational: Data breaches often disrupt normal operations

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Device Refurbishment Header

Device Refurbishment

Reconext views repair and refurbishment as investments used to increase the net value of a device. The ultimate objective is expanding your profit margins by selectively employing the services that lead to the greatest uplift in value net of the associated repair cost.

We continually strive to drive down our costs through exhaustive parts reclamation, automation of processes and using data-driven decision making.

Reconext is vertically integrated to host all required services within our global footprint. From parts sourcing to OEM parts inspection to LCD recovery, our highly- trained associates have the expertise to quickly turn your used device into a near new functional device.

Our solutions can be custom tailored to fit your budget and your customer cosmetic standards. Our multi-faceted solutions are available to be mixed and matched to design the optimal value recovery program.

Our Capabilities Become your Advantages

  • Multi OEM repair capabilities
  • Rigorous parts inspection
  • Scalable and redundant operations
  • Exceptional engineering talent
  • Level 1 – Level 4 BGA repair
  • In-house anodizing facilities
  • Leader in parts recovery and reclamation

The Benefits Go Beyond Profitability – They Increase Sustainability

  • Cost savings vs. buying new
  • Increased value at resale
  • Landfill reduction
  • Decreased carbon emissions
  • Conservation of natural resources

Our Impact

In 2019 alone, Reconext extended the life of 23.7 million used devices, enabling our customers to avoid 1.31 million tCO2e emissions from new manufacturing.

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CPO Device Sales Header

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

Access to the D2C Market

Leverage Reconext’s established sales channels for your second life sales. Our global footprint offers the unique ability to target sales of specific models into the highest value markets. Reconext can offer attractive gain sharing arrangements that expand your margins while we do all the hard work.

Recover maximum device value through minimal sales effort

There are plenty of solution partners who can liquidate your inventory to the myriad of handset traders in the market. Reconext is a single source partner who offers comprehensive solutions to increase the value recovery of your assets. Reconext offers a cradle-to-grave value chain of services to maximize the asset value. These services include highly targeted cosmetic enhancement options that provide exceptional return on investment and optimize devices for D2C sales. Utilizing sales channels which are closest to the end consumer will always bring the most value.

Did you know the used phone market is experiencing exponential growth?

  • According to International Data Corp (IDC), Worldwide Market for Used Smartphones Forecast to Grow to 332.9 Million Units with a Market Value of $67 Billion in 2023. This rapid increase equates to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6%.
  • North American used smartphone shipments would total 87.2 million units, accounting for just over a quarter (26.2%) of the overall used device arena.*

* Source: “Worldwide Market for Used Smartphones Forecast to Grow to 332.9 Million Units with a Market Value of $67 Billion in 2023, According to IDC.” International Data Corporation (IDC),

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