Point-of-Sale Equipment

Reconext understands that retailers operate in an industry with a specific requirement for reverse supply chain velocity and security, so we built our Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment solutions with this firmly in mind.

Our POS teams have in-depth expertise that covers the full array of electronic equipment most stores rely on to operate, including:

  • Payment terminals and cash registers
  • Other point of sale equipment including:
    • Scanners
    • Touch screens, displays and kiosks
    • Printers
    • PCs, Tablets, Mobile, handheld devices
    • Stockroom radio
    • Backroom servers and switches
    • Intercom/audio system
    • Security, safety and conditional access equipment
    • Wi-Fi infrastructure

Using our solutions, payment terminal devices, installed at merchants, banks and acquirers’ premises, will stay up and running thanks to our fast repair turnaround times and precise supply chain management for both in and out of warranty returns.

Our repair capabilities extend up to Level 4, and our refurbishment services teams will return devices to a like-new condition, ensuring products are fully decontaminated, to protect health. In addition, we identify fraudulent returns and have high security compliance: PCI PIN and PCI P2PE, with independently-certified secure data encryption and personal security clearance.

Retails chains, looking to centralize the management of their assets, can benefit from these same test, repair and refurbishment capabilities, covering the full range of technologies in a single service provider.

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